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The Value of WordPress Blogging For A Home Business

I began blogging to promote my online businesses in December 2009.  I didn’t really understand the power of it. I was encouraged though to write about stuff I thought would help people to be persuaded to join my network marketing business opportunity.6a from a laptop 2

It was all very different for me but I persisted and now I have created many blogs for other people and have a newsletter for people I have helped in the past. I have even created a blog for bloggers with my friend Matthew Newill. If you want to know more about blogging it isn’t a bad place to start.

Now my business blog has enabled me to build a business with business partners in 15 countries and we sell high ticket, quality products (Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers) . The website doesn’t have payment  module integration. It just attracts readers from various sources and subscribers for my information newsletter.

If you post interesting articles on your wordpress website the search engines recognise your site from the subject matter. People find them by putting words or sentences into their search engine to find the information they want, These are called “key words”. Using the right key words in your blog to get the most search engines to place your blog on the first pages is referred to as Search Engine Optimisation.

Today I attracted a couple of subscribers to my blog newsletter. This is done by filling in the web form on my side panel like this:

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That one little webform has made me $1000’s over the last 3 years. It brings people into my funnel. I share information via my Aweber Email Auto-Responder service and on quite a few occasions people join my network marketing business.

wordpress I have dozens of WordPress sites being operated by my Network Marketing teams now. All over the world, 16 countries now, in fact, I have people using social networks and wordpress blogs to spread our Network Marketing method around the world.

And it is easy! Lot’s of stuff in is still relevant, although I don’t post on it anymore. It will be an excellent guide to you  becoming a top network marketer by using a FREE WordPress site!

When people ask me what is my best tip to be a successful marketer, I always encourage them to create a blog, a facebook page , link them together and share all the news you have.

Today I was able to share pictures of successful team sales in the U.S.A. ! The day before, Canada and the U.K. and here I am doing a blog post , sitting in the sun in a luxury resort in Thailand!

It is the power of the internet that you can have an unlimited reach across the world. I recommend that you make the effort to learn about, install and use a wordpress blog on a regular basis.

Who knows, if you do, you might just have a laptop lifestyle like me!


Please contact me to get more information.

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Kangen Water

How Do You Make Enagic 6a Distributor In A Year?

I feel really blessed that I have found my purpose in my Enagic business. It has helped me make many friends. It has given me a full time income. It has helped me travel the world meeting and supporting my teams.
The key to a successful Enagic Kangen Water career is so reach the position of 6a Distributor. To many people this seems a hard target, but it really isn’t and it is just the beginning anyway.6a from a laptop 2
If you are chasing Financial Health with Enagic, then you need to know that the real money is not in achieving your first 6a position, it is in helping others to achieve that also.
However, my friend, we need to start from the beginning and help you to your first 6a position.

So How Do You Make 6a In A Year?

I watched an  Enagic Success party videos and the host asked a few 6a’s how long it took them to reach 6a and how many people did they personally recruit.
It was pretty enlightening.
For example , one Enagic millionaire said that he reached 6a (that is 100 group sales) in 3 months. Can you guess how many people he directly sold to?
Just 7!
enagic pie chart 6If you think about it. You don’t need to directly sell to many people if you teach and encourage people to do the same themselves.
I have gone through a few changes in my opinion about how people can reach 6a…. I mentioned get one and encourage everyone else to get one…. and if that was perfect you would be 6a in 8 months.
It very rarely works like that – in fact it probably never has.
But think about this – if you recruit 10 people who want choose Enagic for Financial Health then I am pretty sure then it is very possible those people will bring 5 to 20 people in each.
I believe every home in the world should have an Enagic Kangen Water machine for their health. You can read anyone of my articles on my Enagic Kangen Water blog to see how I truly believe in this product. I have so many people enjoying this water who have shared amazing testimonials of how their health has been improved.
It is very rewarding. I feel so good about it. But, hey, this blog is about marketing. I created it to help people in business so … let me share my thoughts on how to achieve success with Enagic and get that financial freedom, financial independence, financial health or however you wish to describe it.
pause for a bit of my wisdom…….
So that is why an Enagic millionaire managed to reach his first 100 sales from recruiting just 7 people. Because the people he brought into his business were focused on their financial health and the whole concept of physical health with Kangen Water followed.
So, my friend. Here it is. Think about it this way. if you bring in 10 people into an Enagic Kangen Water business who are focused on their financial health they will be looking for more of the same.
They are looking for people just like them. They will know people just like them. They will tell the same story to all their friends. Come and have a look at this Enagic business. It can set you financially free!
Your first year you will earn $50,000 U.S. minimum. Your second year you will likely have more 6a’s in your group. That is another $50,000 U.S. minimum for each one! Believe me, your Enagic bonuses, group commissions, sales commissions go through the roof from that point.
My goal for the end of 2016 is to have a minimum of 14 6a’s in my group! Imagine the income from that?
Enagic has created many, many millionaires. Multiple millionaires. People are flying private aeroplanes, living in multi million pound homes, driving masseratis  and they achieve that in a very short time indeed.ERIC WORRE GO PRO
So this first 6a position is pretty important, right? Of course it is. Remember, people follow leaders. People follow good examples.
If you focus on achieving your first 6a then you WILL begin motivating others to do the same.
So how do you do it?
Well, the best training I have received for my Enagic business was delivered by my upline, Sam Sia. Sam is a great example of achieving success with Enagic (also achieved Enagic 6a in 3 months) but the best thing he did for me was to introduce me to Eric Worre.
Eric is a great ambassador for anyone thinking of a career in Network Marketing. If you do nothing else about this article, you should connect with Eric at Network Marketing Pro
I can honestly say this video changed the way I approached my business from that point onward. This was in July 2014. From that point my business has doubled and I can see that a minimum of 4 of my team will achieve 6a by the end of 2015 and 10 more by the end of 2016.
ERIC WORREIn this amazing video, Eric destroys a lot of myths of Network Marketing and you should put aside an hour to watch it if you are serious about long term financial success with Network Marketing. Because believe me, all those Enagic Kangen Water millionaires adopted the strategies Eric explains in this ground breaking video.
You see, Eric knows lots of Network Marketing Millionaires. He studied them. Everyone of them adopted the strategies in Eric’s video How to Recruit 20 People in 30 days.
For Enagic Kangen Water I would make that, How To Recruit 20 People in 90 Days because of the high ticket nature of the Enagic Kangen Water business.
The essential strategy is however, beginning from now, to commit to AOMA for 90 days! That is ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION!
Whatever time you have for your business, use all of it. Whether that is part time or full time. Devote every moment to your Enagic Kangen Water business for the next 90 days.
Whatever business you decide to do those first 90 days are THE most important. As Eric says: Every 6 figure earner in Network Marketing has done a period of AOMA at least once and every 7 figure earner has done it more than once!


Peter Chapmanpete and cora loh

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Kangen Water

Network Marketing Is A Legitimate Business Model

I have been involved in network marketing for many years. Sometimes successful , sometimes not. But it annoys me when people question the fact that think the business model is some kind of scan when so many well known companies have built their business on the network marketing or commission only direct sales model.Bill-Gates-Network-Marketing

Top 10 Network Marketing and direct sales companies include well known businesses like Tupperware, Avon, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay Cosmetics.

The origin of multi-level marketing is often disputed; but multi-level marketing style businesses existed in the 1920s,1930s with Nutrilite or California Perfume Company renamed as “Avon Products”, 1940s with the California Vitamin Company, 1960s, and even as late as the 1970s.

However for the kind of people who you see coming into your home, hosting product parties do not make much money because they often rely solely on the commissions from personal sales.

The real money is made from duplication. Recruiting new people to do the parties and direct sales and help and train them to succeed and find more people to do work also.

That is what network marketing is all about. Just helping people to make a little money from sharing product with customers. Low cost to start, commission paid on effort and customers get useful product.

So why do people confuse network marketing and are wary about getting involved?

robert kiyosaki on networkingI have network marketing teams in 14 countries now. It gives me a full time income from a part time effort. It is in the UK and Europe where I find it most difficult to expand my business. Why? Well, I think society is a little more cynical, suspicious I guess. The British reserve.

Yet, communities in the UK buy from catalogues placed through their letter boxes and host parties for their friends, indirectly supporting network marketing companies.


How and why is network marketing different from the traditional business model?

In the traditional business model a company will manufacture products and then there begins a professional chain until the product reaches the consumer.

From factory to shipping to distributor to haulage to the retailer who finally sells them to the consumer.  All of them get paid and they all have staff to keep happy.

In network marketing (or direct selling) the manufacturer simply sells directly to the consumer through commission only representatives.

Selling straight to the consumer like this, cuts out the middle men in the supply chain and this saves the company a ton of money. People usually don’t appreciate that even just the retailers’ mark up is usually about 50% of the products’ final sale price. They need to charge this to pay for sales staff, premises etc.

The cost of marketing products in a traditional way

In order to make people aware of their product traditional companies need to spend money on newspapers on the television, radio etc or in magazines, newspapers etc which is very expensive.enagic compensation plan

This is another reason why manufacturers use the network marketing model.  In a network marketing model the companies independent representatives or distributors use their contacts to bring awareness about the product and gain sales through referalls.

This means the money normally spent on the supply chain and marketing can now go to the independent distributors.

The independent distributors are usually also consumers of the products (after all why would you promote something that you didn’t believe in enough to use yourself?). The distributors are people who believe in the product enough to want to promote it to other people. They earn a commission for their sales and marketing efforts.

Building  sales team in network marketing 

Network marketing is a self explanatory process. Independent distributors build networks of teams through their sales and relationships with customers or business contacts.

The network marketing companies reward their distributors through indirect commissions on the sales of the people they introduce.

This means that the company isn’t recruiting a costly sales force, their self employed sales teams do it for them and they are well rewarded for doing so.

Both the traditional business and the network marketing business are building a sales team. They’re just going about it in different ways based on what they believe is the most effective for their company.


Established and respected companies around the world use the Network marketing model to expand their product sales.

Yes, there are good and bad examples of the model as there is in any business but in the main it works as people buy from people and their recommendations.

I rarely go to a restaurant unless it has been recommended or see a movie that others haven’t reviewed it on my behalf.

The main thing , if you are planning to join a network marketing company is that you do your research on the reliability of the company and join a sponsor who you feel will help, train and support you.

But Network marketing IS a legitimate business model and many people around the world enjoy the fruits of its success. As an independent distributor your success depends upon your effort and stickability.

I have done well in some businesses and not so well in others. In the main it was mostly to do with my own effort but sometimes I was let down by the company.

And this is my main recommendation – researching the company you are thinking of joining. Don’t be fooled by start up company promises  that you will be better for being at the beginning of something, because often start up companies fail. Choose an established business and a sponsor who can help you.

If you want to learn how to master the art of network marketing I would recommend that you engage with Eric Worre of the Network Marketing Pro . As Eric says, Network marketing is the Better Way. No the best way, but the better way.

Pete Chapman

Contact me on +44 7823 772234 (connected to WhatsApp, Viber and Line) if you wish to know more about how I succeed in Network Marketing


Getting A Piece Of The Pie – The Enagic Compensation Plan

I have been in the network marketing business over many years. From selling Investment Plans part time, to supporting my wife with home parties,building significant teams of online network marketers with my own member site with multiple streams of income. I was the top retail producer with a UK based Health and Beauty business in the 1980’s before the company went bust. I have built teams of over 500 people.6a from a laptop 2

Yet in all of that time I have never come across a home business compensation plan as good as the one offered to Enagic distributors.

Stands to reason you need a good company and a good product at the start of your choice of home business but, lets face it, most of us get involved with network marketing because of the opportunity to increase our income.

I have gone from earning $100’s s month to $1000’s a month over the last 3 years since I began my Enagic Kangen Water business. Nowadays I get income notices through the post I have no idea where they have come from!  I help my team online, build websites for them and upload automated email newsletters in the recommended email marketing account, I do local seminars and home demonstrations and now and again travel to support my team around the world. But , I can promise you, I am very part time. My income is enough for me to enjoy a nice, quiet life with lots of travel and making lots of new friends.

bradford teamI enjoy helping my team in 15 countries around the world in any way they need me to help. In the next two weeks I will be in Thailand for a couple of weeks and will do a couple of meetings at our Bangkok office before enjoying a twin resort holiday.

In June I will be travelling to the U.S. to take part in our Enagic Convention in Anaheim, California and while I am there I will meet my team and will probably be doing seminars in Las Vegas.

Later in the year I will likely be travelling to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

It is a life I have always dreamed of. It is what all those network marketing guru’s promised me but it never happened until now.

Why is it happening for me now? Because I am representing a world class product and a world class , 40 year old company that is never lets me down!

More about our product; Kangen Water Here

Enagic is a big ticket business opportunity. Our mos popular product costs $4000 u.s. but you can get a kangen water machine for $1480 if you want the smaller machine. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PRODUCTS

But that is it! Purchase any one of our Kangen Water machines and you have a business for life. No extra cost! It is amazing!

We pay between $285 to $1710 U.S. commission on our most popular machine, the SD501. This means if my team, not just me, sell 10 machines a month then I can make a 5 figure income! Think if it, 10 times $1710! Would that make a difference to your life?

Over the last 3 years I have built a team of over 200 distributors and now I am one of the top distributors in Europe. Now my teams in Indonesia, Malaysia , the UK and the U.S.A. will follow to become 6a distributors this year, which means they will be earning $1710 per sale.

Teams in Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Philippines, Italy, Singapore, Thailand will achieve that goal in 2016.

Let me share with you a pie chart that will show you exactly how you can grow a 5 figure monthly income a month with Enagic.

enagic pie chart 1

enagic pie chart 2








enagic pie chart 3


enagic pie chart 4








enagic pie chart 5


enagic pie chart 6












Remember, these commissions are available for your direct AND indirect sales by your team. You can achieve 5a and 6a commissions for just 3 personal sales if you find the right leaders.

I hope you find this article of interest. If you want to know more message me on +44 7823 772234 ( my number is connected to WhatsApp, Viber and LINE for FREE messaging)

Peter Chapman

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Just Like The Voice – Choosing Your Network Marketing Coach

I was watching the Voice UK on television the other night and it struck me that my network marketing business is a little similar.

If you are not aware of what the voice is ,The Voicevoiceuk is a reality television series that features four coaches looking for a talented new artist, who could become a global superstar. The show’s concept is indicated by its title: the coaches do not judge the artists by their looks, personalities, stage presence or dance routines—only their vocal ability. The competitors are split into four teams, which are mentored by the coaches who in turn choose songs for their artists to perform. There is no specific age range and anyone can audition; if a coach likes what they hear, a button-press allows their chair to spin around and face the performer, signifying that they would like to mentor them. If more than one does so, then the artist selects a coach. However, if no coach turns around then the artist is sent home.

So how is that similar? Well I will describe it a little like this:

1. All of my network marketing prospects, 1000’s in my email list, have been auditioning for a network marketing business. They have opted in to my list because they are searching for a business opportunity and a sponsor.

2. By accepting them into my newsletter. I have chosen to be their coach/business sponsor. That is if they want me.

3. So now it is all up to them. Do they choose me or one of my coach/business competitors.

So then the Voice refers to the last process as “the pitch” If a contestant has 2 or more coaches turn round, then the power is in their hands. The pressure then is on the coach. The contestant has the relief that they can go forward to the remaining episodes of the programme and now they get to do the choosing.

Well, now it is up to us. Are we someone people feel they can trust? Are we offering the right support so that our teams can duplicate our success.

kangen demo huddersfield


How have I achieved more than 200 people to join me in my network marketing business?

How have people from 15 countries around the world chosen me as their sponsor and how can you get these kind of results?


1. Product and company

It is important that we choose a product and company that has the quality and credibility that people value and see a future with.

I know I am representing a world class product and company in Enagic Kangen Water? Are you certain about your choice?

2. Sponsor Credibility

Are we a sponsor who can demonstrate that we can help people to succeed – either from our own successs story or that of those who are helping us get started in our business.

For my point of view I can demonstrate that I have achieved success with my company and I also have successful sponsors so lots of people can choose me because I have shown the way.

Have you got sponsor credibility?

3. Support availability

Can we demonstrate that our members have the support they need to build a business without experience. What tools can we offer them. How are you able to support them. That could be online or offline, depending on what kind of business you are in.

I offer global internet solutions and offline seminars in the U.K. and I travel overseas on occasions to give our teams in different countries support through events.

Do you offer the support that is needed to give someone a compelling reason to choose you and your business opportunity?

 Building Relationships

Network marketing is all about building relationships – whether that is online or offline. Few people who just click a link and enrol online without building a relationship with their sponsor stay the course.

I had a few years promoting purely online products from $10.75 a month upwards. I was seen as successful and I was recruiting 20 to 30 people a month into my business. However, the churn of cancellations made that the incoming results less palatable because I got a steady stream of people leaving on a monthly basis.

So I left that low cost market and chose my Enagic Kangen Water business, where cancellations are practically nil and the rewards on sales are high ticket. Now I earn $1000’s a month rather than the $100’s I was earning.

What is your network marketing business? Are people choosing you? What can you do to improve your performance.

I would welcome your views in the comments section below.

Peter Chapman

Network Marketing Professional

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Why You Should Consider An Enagic Home Business

Most home business owners are seeking more than an average income from their computer. Most are disappointed. Why? The company hasn’t got deep foundations and does not last. There is no real product. The compensation plan is unfair on the new business owner. It takes years to get to a level where a decent income can be earned.

Despite having a downline of hundreds my earnings in an online network marketing business were minimal. I could recruit 20 to 40 people every month but I lost significant members monthly also. It was a rat race. They call it churn!

I saw people chasing their dreams changing online businesses most months. Looking for something that would work for them. Charlatans and sharks were persuading people to jump ship by promising the world only for people to find it was no better than what they were in in the first place.

Ridiculous promises of 100% commission when in fact it cost an affiliate charge to qualify for commissions. So perhaps $100 for membership and $80 to qualify for commissions! So how is that 100%???

Products of these new internet network marketing businesses are mainly marketing training, or internet tools. One company offered a wordpress blog solution but people couldn’t use that model on social networks! It was a model that would never work. Then others would follow.

The training packages were increased in cost so people were being asked to purchase online training to the value of $1000 to $5000 as the sales machine got into overdrive once people were committed.

So $100 a month online businesses tend not to work for everyone. It just ends up costing you more money while the fat cats get rich!

$100 a month is $1200 a year! Not only that, but you also need to be paying that $100 a month for life or you lose your commissions!

that is $12000 over 10 years before you make any profit!

So after reading this I invite you to watch the video below!


Enagic has got a real product. It is tried and tested and is the leader in its market place, despite competition. Enagic is a 40 year old company. It is not MLM so you can join anytime and you can still rise to the top of the tree.

Enagic has and will continue to create millionaires!

It can cost you as little as $1480 dollars to purchase an Enagic Kangen Water machine. With that one off expenditure you have a business for life. Not only that but Enagic have inexpensive payment plans to enable you to afford to get involved with a very small deposit. The machines last 20 to 25 years! So this cost is a 10th of the cost of most online businesses.

Not only that, but you are offering permanent health solutions to everyone who purchases a machine. You will leave a true legacy for so many people!

Enagic is a really rewarding programme. It is my best recommendation for anyone who is looking for a low cost home business!

If you want to know more, purchase a Kangen Water machine or get involved in a Global Business partnership with me, then please contact me from the details below.

Peter Chapman Enagic® Distributor 4042560

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Starting Your Network Marketing Business With A Team Of One!

In network marketing we always start with a team of 1. No matter who your sponsor may be they are NOT as motivated as you are to build your business. They will start with good intentions and may even get you started but you don’t just want a good start… you want a good finish that leads to a residual income that will serve as your forever pension!

So you need to be self motivated and  determined so you stay the course until the number 1 has many 0’s behind it!

To succeed in Network Marketing – with any compensation plan – you need to be in it for the long term. Each of these compensation plans is designed to build your income over time until you are financially independent from any other job or business that you may be involved with.

Too many people give up before they have really given their business a chance to grow.

My personal preference as my network marketing vehicle is Enagic Kangen Water – it pays me well and I can see retirement on the horizon! – but these principles apply to any MLM or Network Marketing business.

Steps To Consider

  1. Choose your business opportunity wisely. Stick with the tried and tested. Don’t fall for the new launch syndrome. Do your research and go for something that is established, has a product you believe in and do not feel embarrassed about and a business that pays well!
  2. Choose your sponsor wisely. Has he/she got a support system in place? Will they help you get started? What are others saying about your sponsor? Can you Google them and see if they have a reputation – good or bad?
  3. Make a plan of the time, finance and effort you are willing to put in. Keep to it!
  4. Set goals – targets to reach. Make them SMART – you know the thing , Specific, Measurable, Achievable,Results Orientated, Time Bound – but my guidance is focus on the ACHIEVABLE bit. Don’t make unrealistic goals – it will make you unhappy! If you are 5ft 2 inches I am sorry to say you are not going to break the world high jump record!! So for example, my Enagic business has a top position in the compensation plan called a 6a distributor – you reach it when you and your group make 100 sales. The rewards are really good… but you are not going to make Enagic 6a in two weeks!! Chunk it down – say make 2 personal sales a month for the first 3 months and 10 group sales a month after three months. So in 10 months you will make 6a! Lots of people make Enagic 6a in 10 months! But if you don’t feel that is achievable – set yourself 2 years to achieve the same position. Either way, you will have a full time income at the end of your effort!
  5. Always do something every day for your business – no  matter how small. Facebook, twitter, blogging, speaking to people, emailing your list… there are lots of things you can do without invading your family or leisure time.
  6. THINK LONG TERM! Regard your Network Marketing business as a long term effort – and I mean long term! 5 years minimum effort…. not just a few months. If you have chosen wisely in the beginning you will be thanking me in the end!
  7. Support your team! Do not give up on anyone. Some of them will give up on their business but YOU must be there when they want help. Always be around for them!
  8. Have fun! Network Marketing should be a social business. Like people. Be kind to people. Be honest! If you have chosen wisely you can be PROUD OF YOUR BUSINESS! Don’t be shy!

I believe that if you read this post with sincerity and apply it you will have a business with 100’s if not 1000’s of members beneath you. It make take time, but it WILL happen – provided you chose wisely in the beginning.

The businesses work , the model works… it is just up to the people to take advantage.

Keep telling yourself this – “No matter how long it takes I will keep sharing the message!”


Peter Chapman  Enagic® UK  6a Distributor 4042560

Kangen Water® UK

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An Internet Marketing Legacy

When I began marketing on the internet I was just concerned about making a little money to supplement my salary. Then I decided that I wanted to replace my full time income and just work from home.

I created a member site and began to find a sincere motivation in helping others to achieve income levels that would help them to find financial security rather than be purely motivated by my own circumstance.

As I worked hard to teach and help others I began to realise that I was only perpetuating something that couldn’t work. Whilst my intentions were honourable the vehicle I was basing my strategy on did not have the kind of foundation that would last. Internet marketing MLM is too hard for most people to earn a reasonable living. Most small ticket internet MLM’s, which I was recommending, do not have a realistic chance of achieving a 6 figure income – which is what I was hoping to help people to achieve. So I was recommending multiple streams of income and it became complicated and unnecessarily expensive.

There was something else that was troubling me. What real purpose do these internet marketing business opportunities have? What positive impact do they have on peoples lives?

I was at a crossroads in my life. I was evaluating what was important. After two personal cancer problems, I lost one of my kidneys because of cancer and I had a previous malignant skin cancer tumour. I was obviously susceptible to cancer. Cancer is a terrible thing. It took my lovely wife and has taken many more of my friends and family. So I became more and more motivated to represent what I thought would help people’s health whilst also continuing to offer a realistic business opportunity for my internet friends to earn the kind of income I was always hoping to help them achieve.

So from March this year, my motivation to promote Enagic Kangen Water became more of a passion to help people achieve optimum health. I dropped everything else. Some people were disappointed with me and many people thought investing between $1480 and $4000 U.S. in an  Enagic Kangen Water machine was just too much for them. It was very different from just investing $10 to $100 a month. But I carried on… because it was my passion and every machine my group sold meant that better health was in another families home!

I shared more and more information on the water on my blog. You can read this article – WHAT IS KANGEN WATER – to see what I am promoting and why.

More and more people became interested in the water and the idea of achieving optimum health at a reasonable cost – a lifetime of health basically from a one off investment.

Also, my internet marketing friends began seeing that my passionate representation of Enagic Kangen Water was changing my income by huge margins. I began earning $1000’s a month rather than $100’s. More and more internet marketers joined me – some, like Alex Moody after 2 years of first hearing about Enagic Kangen Water from me. Now Alex has his own Kangen Water site – as he too has found a new passion in providing a real product that can help peoples health and obviously his pocket.

This blog has been all about making money online. I have helped 100’s of people earn their first dollar from the internet. I have created dozens of wordpress blogs for people. Shown them how to build a significant mailing list. But now I can offer them a real business opportunity – not just internet products that have no lasting effect and permanency in peoples lives.

So now – through my team member site – I still create blogs, I still help people build significant mailing lists and we are still helping people build good followings on the social networks. But now  I feel I have a real purpose, a passion and I believe I am leaving a legacy of health for our customers and a legacy of realistic financial independence with Enagic Kangen Water.

Each member of my team has the knowledge and ability to repeat what I do to build an income of $1000’s a month. Much more than this though they have the opportunity of creating their own legacy of health in their communities and families.

Since March 2013 my business has grown by over 100%. Sharing my passion has meant that more and more people are joining our unique KangenWell group – mainly internet marketers using our learned skills to share health with the world. It makes me very proud to know that more and more of my friends are joining me – you can see some of them from this link

So, my internet marketing friends, I hope you have enjoyed my story. I hope you can begin to understand the satisfaction of sharing a REAL BUSINESS with an ETHICAL PRODUCT that provides people with an opportunity to enjoy optimum health.

If you wish to find out how you can get involved with us then THIS IS YOUR LINK! Look at it – see how you too can earn $1000’s a month whilst also helping people improve their health and longevity.

I just wish I had “seen” this many years ago… but then again, how could I have grown my business without first learning all those internet marketing skills? Perhaps serendipity has ensured that I have this great purpose with real skill in magnifying it on the internet.

Enjoy life in good health and prosperity!

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Non, je ne regrette rien – No I Regret Nothing!

Since I wrote this article, I can honestly say that my world has changed for the better.
Low ticket MLM was soul destroying! Yes, I was recruiting but on the other hand people were cancelling. Newbies were giving no long term value to a $10 to $100 a month business – they just didn’t want to learn, apply the learning or have any long term view to their business.
Too many “shiny new toys” were on offer. The next best thing….. this new launch, that new launch. It was all a bit depressing.
So I left it all behind. Non, je ne regrette rien. No, I regret nothing!
My new direct sales business model with Enagic means that no-one gets paid unless someone sells something!
My distributors make a one off investment in their Kangen Water machine and they never have to pay anything for their business again!
They have an amazing product in their kitchen forever!! They don’t cancel once they have their machine in their home. They use the water. Their friends use the water. They follow the guidance in our team member site… and they duplicate!
I teach FREE marketing! It is copy and paste online!
Now…. since my  new commitment in April 2013 , I have doubled my sales in the 6 months and reached the top 6a Enagic Distributor Position, meaning I get INFINITE BONUSES on ALL of my group!
That means I have gone from $100’s to $1000’s a month!
I have done this with a lot of help from my friends across the world and mainly through sharing the water virtually from my laptop!
Now I am breaking out from my computer and delivering LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS in the UK!
I love Kangen Water – I love the Enagic business. It is allowing me to travel the world! Make fantastic friends and help many, many people become financially independent!
This year I have visited Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia! It is likely that I will visit the United States to meet my team there very soon. This would have been impossible with my previous MLM businesses!
My best recommendation is to view the video from the banner below and then ask me how you can get started on YOUR journey to Enagic Kangen Water 6a in 2014!

 I believe you CAN achieve the same as I have done – if you make the move this month and then make the same commitment as I have done.


Peter Chapman  Enagic® UK Distributor 4042560

Kangen Water® UK

Tel: 00 44 7823 772234

Skype: petechapman


Building My Enagic Kangen Water and Kangen UKON DD Teams For Success in 2014!

I have been working hard over the last few months on my Kangen Water business. Now I have achieved my goal of 6a in the Enagic Compensation Plan – 100 team members achieved – I am beginning my plans to help many others achieve the same goal for themselves in 2014!

Network marketing can be a hard industry. We get sold on how easy it is to become huge earners in network marketing but it is just like any other business model. You need to work hard for success in any business.

I have always taught that you should choose wisely in the beginning and stick with it to the end. I have played about with lots of business opportunities over the years. Firmly believed in the network marketing business model but failed really to find a company that deserved my loyalty. I was successful in some but the companies folded or merged into something I didn’t like. One or two businesses I belonged to failed to keep the promises they made. It was a big learning curve.

All the while I kept believing and working hard towards my goal of financial independence through a home business.

It wasn’t until I found Enagic, through the recommendation of my friend, Raymond Sun, did I find my network marketing “home”.

I have used the skills built up over the years to develop a strong global business using my blogs and social networking and sharing all about the business with my email list of subscribes to my various sites.

Each year I set new goals. I have achieved my main goal for 2013 of Enagic 6a Distributor, 100 business partners. Now my goal for 2014 is to help a minimum of 6 others to achieve the same goal as I achieved in 2013!

That would be 600 more group sales in my team in the next 15 months!

To achieve that, I need to nurture ambitious team members. So the search is on!

Could ENAGIC be your “home” too? Why not check it out.





I share this Poem with you to emphasize why I think YOU CAN do this with me!

Can’t – Edgar Albert Guest

Can’t is the worst word that’s written or spoken;
Doing more harm here than slander and lies;
On it is many a strong spirit broken,
And with it many a good purpose dies.
It springs from the lips of the thoughtless each morning
And robs us of courage we need through the day:
It rings in our ears like a timely-sent warning
And laughs when we falter and fall by the way. Can’t is the father of feeble endeavor,
The parent of terror and half-hearted work;
It weakens the efforts of artisans clever,
And makes of the toiler an indolent shirk.
It poisons the soul of the man with a vision,
It stifles in infancy many a plan;
It greets honest toiling with open derision
And mocks at the hopes and the dreams of a man.

Can’t is a word none should speak without blushing;
To utter it should be a symbol of shame;
Ambition and courage it daily is crushing;
It blights a man’s purpose and shortens his aim.
Despise it with all of your hatred of error;
Refuse it the lodgment it seeks in your brain;
Arm against it as a creature of terror,
And all that you dream of you some day shall gain.

Can’t is the word that is foe to ambition,
An enemy ambushed to shatter your will;
Its prey is forever the man with a mission
And bows but to courage and patience and skill.
Hate it, with hatred that’s deep and undying,
For once it is welcomed ’twill break any man;
Whatever the goal you are seeking, keep trying
And answer this demon by saying: “I can.”

I know I CAN achieve my goal of helping 6 people in my team to be financially free by the end of 2014 – and I mean seriously financially free not hundreds of dollars a month but thousands!

So if you come to this blog looking for riches – a new business opportunity – guidance to achieve financial independence – then I offer you the opportunity to invest in yourself and join me in my network marketing home – Enagic!


Peter Chapman  Enagic® UK Distributor 4042560

Kangen Water® UK

Tel: 00 44 7823 772234

Skype: petechapman