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Kangen Water
Kangen Water

Adchiever – Your Go To Email Marketing Campaign

I have built a sizeable list of subscribers in my email marketing auto-responder and a decent income online by adopting a focussed email marketing strategy.

When I first started marketing online I used a solo ezine ad strategy, which is sending emails out to online magazines in my niche, network marketing and internet marketing. Then I learned all about list builders. This was great way to purchase annual access to a huge database of internet marketers and then I was able to email a portion of that database every so many days.

I loved listbuilders. I enrolled for at least 6 of them in my first few months of adopting this strategy so my emails were going out to around 18000 entrepreneurs every 3 days. I started to build a big, big list and soon I was able to just focus on maximising my income potential from my own list without paying for advertising – except regularly emailing my listbuilder email list.

Over time, some of the listbuilders that I was using did not perform as well as they did in the beginning. So I refreshed my list and worked the ones that performed well.

The latest listbuilder out there on the web is Adchiever. Adchiever has been put together by Darren Olander. It works a treat. If you go for the top package, like I did, you can email 6000 entrepreneurs every 3 days! More , if you have credits for checking out ads or refer anyone to that programme.

Now , emailing a list of 6000 is very cool. You get to build your list, build your downline and monetise it all over time. But that is not all. With Adchiever there is a whole series of help and advice, affiliate income opportunity, excellent training and downline builders in other programmes…so Adchiever offers you multiple streams of income!

Check out this superb information here and learn how to  Dominate Viral List Builders or check out how you can Improve Your Email Content to Have your Readers Drooling Over Your Every Written Word

You see, Adchiever offers you lots of great help for your online marketing campaigns.

So I make no bones about it….Adchiever is my top recommendation for your email marketing campaign to begin in earnest! Check it out by clicking the link below

Profitable Email Marketing

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Kangen Water

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  1. Alex Moody says:

    Yes Peter Adcheiver is Great Bit of Kit.
    I use it myself and the results are always encouraging.


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