Blog SEO Trends for 2018

Hi guys today I’m going to share with you what I believe are going to be the best SEO trends for 2018.

My name is Pete, I am a website designer and it’s my job to help you to do better through with your website and your online marketing.

Let’s begin with the best blog seo trends for 2018.

Search engine optimization means the stuff that you do on your site and around the web pointing back into your site to help your website rank better in the search engines and if you do a good job with this you will not only rank well with search engines but you will also get traffic to your website.

Like I said what I believe will be the trends that you should be doing and should be aware for SEO in 2018.

So first things first let’s just cover content; content is the biggest thing you can do on your website to make it rank well and it means not just the pages on your website but also additional content such as blog posts, articles testimonials and case studies.

Latent semantic indexing is all about topics and subjects, and keywords and phrases that are around your core topic. So for example if you sell car tires in Los Angeles you would want all of your topic all of your content and your blog posts in some way shape or form – about car tires especially in Los Angeles so if somebody searches on the search engine for car tires in Los Angeles your site is well ranked and again it goes throughout the whole website variations on the phrase car tires.

A master keyword variation could be all weather car tires in Los Angeles, it could even be snow tires in Los Angeles but and it also could be you know more about economical tires in Los Angeles. High-end tires in Los Angeles is another phrase on your core topic, if you put something on there about football for example Google will come along say hang on a minute that makes no sense it has no correlation with the rest of the content so think about latent semantic indexing or LSI which is all about phrases and keywoeds to do with your core content on your site.

Something else that I think is going to be really big in fact it’s already pretty big but it will only become more prominent is voice search. What I mean by voice search when you’ve got things now like alexa, cortana and also Siri, where people can use their voice to tell their search engine on their phone what to do, what to look for and this means that your website is going to be built and also written with natural language that people might want to use to find information.

Easiest way to tackle this is to make sure that the text is clearly visible to the search engines. When you write the content for your website think what others are genuinely searching for. This means that if you have written an article from a technicians point of view instead of the language that average people use. Make sure that your website is in plain English.

Voice search is going to become huge it’s already growing at a very rapid rate it will only get bigger and your website needs to be able to stand ahead and above the rest in its search ability when somebody literally tells their search engine Siri, Cortana or alexa waht to do or look for.

Please watch the video below for full blog seo trends for 2018 info:

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