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Kangen Water
Kangen Water

Blogging For Network Marketing Profit

Blogging for network marketing profit is not an instant process but it is worth persevering with. Since I started this blog my network has increased by hundreds and my team who have kept up their blogging activity have seen their income rise beyond a level they ever imagined.

Why is this? Well, a premium word press blog will give you a presence on the internet you would not get otherwise. A blog with good content fed into the social networks ensures you get organic traffic into your business.

I operate two blogs, this one and my product specific blog,  . My organic traffic increases daily and I often sell my product directly from a google search looking for my business or product. In fact, these last two days will have led to around $5000 worth of business coming into my blog with a likely $2000 in commission.

This didn’t happen instantly. I have been blogging on this blog since December 2009 and my Kangenwell blog since September/October 2011. It does take persistancy and consistency to be a successful word press blogger. Regular posting is the key. I always recommend 5 posts a week for the first month and then at least weekly after that. I often don’t meet my personal targets for this, but I always try to achieve it. It is worth it.

I have gained facebook friends, fans and twitter followers from my blog content. I have a mailing list of around 4000 entrepreneurs. All of these are prospects for my business.

I rarely pay for advertising nowadays. Not for myself at least, although I do some paid advertising for my new members to get them started. No. My list builds organically nowadays and I always email them regularly – with updates from the blogs and also a reminder about how they can join me in business.

With a blog you can just be yourself. Share your personal thoughts on whatever subject you are writing about, business or hobby, and placing your posts on  your social networks. You can also email each of your posts to your lists . This way your prospects recognise you as a professional marketer.

I have received lots of information from top network marketers who say their prospects contact them and ask to sign up. I rarely believed them, but now I recognise that this is happening for me and many of my network marketing team.

Setting up a blog is pretty easy nowadays. The blog theme I use and recommend is Socrates. It is so easy to set up. With Global NPN, my primary network marketing business you get FREE hosting as a Director. So becoming an NPN Blogger is a no brainer. You get traffic to your blog and commissions of those who follow you……. I like that. I am a strong believer in multiple streams of income.

NPN has good tools too…… URL Rotators, Email blasters, auto-responders (athough I use aweber) , video emailing, screen capture, instant blogs…. tons of stuff coming on board for very little outlay…. but the most important tool I think, is a wordpress blog.

Ok….. well I hope you see the sense of it. A year is not long to build a business that could bring you $1000 days. It is worth being persistent with a word press blog…….


A good place to go for advice is my friends site: . FREE advice on the blog and an inexpensive course on SEO, Blog set up, social networking etc.

What do you think? Are you going to be a $1000 a day wordpress blogger?


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Kangen Water

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