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Finding The Way – Teaching The Way

My journey to competence in Internet Marketing has been a long apprenticeship. Starting with using corporate sites and corporate emailing strategies and then eventually becoming a wordpress blogger after years of using email strategies. I have eventually found my area of expertise and comfort.

I have built and managed a  significant member site – full of multiple streams of income – helping 100’s of marketers begin making money online.

Now my business increases organically – it doesn’t cost me a thing to market it. The work has been done. The list is enough. Now people find me organically from my blogs and social networking activities.

You may be on my list. In which case you will be getting regular emails updating you on what I am doing online. I am in my comfort zone. I enjoy what I do.

Each day I do a little thing – a blog post and email or two. I share them both on the social networks People accept what I write, or they don’t. I still write it.

I have found that people find their own teacher or leader. They migrate to where they feel comfortable to.

Finding The Way

During the 1970’s I was fascinated by the martial arts. Bruce Lee. Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts films. I began taking Karate lessons. Not only that but I practiced Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu and Tai Chi. I tried different Karate Styles. I organised seminars and training sessions with world renowned martial artists. I attended events. I became a black belt. I had my own club. I entered competitions – and I got placed in a few. In Chinese martial arts they call the Way – Tao. In Japanese Martial arts they call the Way – Do. Karate Do.

In martial arts you tend to find the way through a particular teacher. You practice until you are competent and then your style becomes a varient of what you are taught. As you become a senior student your personality and physical ability tends to morph into a slight deviant style of your own. You express yourself within the framework of what you are taught.

It is the same for every skill. Even network marketing, internet marketing and affiliate marketing. You find a teacher. You learn. Then you adapt to have your own style – your own Way.

I have seen this happen over and over again. I see friends like Alex Moody and Pearly Quah grow from being disciples to leaders. They start by being respectful and accepting what was taught. Then they become more independent. Then I have found I have begun learning from them!

Choosing The Vehicle – The Business You Represent

A very big part of choosing your way is finding the right business vehicle for you. You need to find something you are passionate about. Choose a company that is credible and has some history. Please don’t go for the new launches etc. It is very rare that you will find something brand spanking new that you can have a long term business with.

I have wandered a little over the years and found my Way, my teacher Raymond Sun and my Primary business Enagic Kangen Water. Because I have a list and readership of internet network marketers, I also offer an internet tool based opportunity – Pure Leverage. It is an excellent company with superb marketing tools – such as video emails, auto-responders, video conferencing, blogs etc. It is a good place to start.

But my main income comes from Enagic Kangen Water.

My previous experience with my member site etc has enabled me to apply techniques that work online. I help me Enagic Kangen Water team by providing them with a FREE Member Site which has copy and paste strategies that work for me.

So having found my Way and my Teacher, I am now an independent leader in my business and I teach others. So those initial choices are important. Your Business. Your Teacher.

Then it is a question of practice, practice, practice. Application, application, application. Determination, determination , determination.

Persistence is the key. Just like Winston Church said: “Never Give Up”

The foundation of your business is your choice of business and teacher and then it is a question of you becoming a good student who will work at what you have been taught. If your teacher has done it – so can you.

For Bruce Lee he had his teacher Yip Man. He then adapted his style and became a teacher himself. A student of Bruce was Danny Inosanto who now has his own Martial Arts Academy. So it goes on.

The same can be true for each of us as we adapt our internet business. If you are a good student, you will become a good teacher.

Peter Chapman

Kangen Water and Pure Leverage Distributor


Kangen Water

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