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Kangen Water

Finding Your Passion = Successful Business

I listened to Tony Robbins in his Unleash The Power Within seminar talking about PASSION (it is in capitals because he seemed to accentuate the word whenever he used it) Tony demonstrated passion for what he was doing at the seminar. He lives what he teaches.

I have always coached my teams in the work place to get some joy and enthusiasm from their job, otherwise you are just turning up for 8 hours of purgatory! That is why I settled into Leisure management in my corporate career- I loved sport, I loved being fit, I enjoyed helping other people to do the same and I enjoyed helping people progress in their working lives too.

I always think that at least in some way, through my management style and approaches my team have progressed a little better in the world than they would have done had I just treated my work as a job instead of a real calling.


It is the same in business. When you have a business you love, feel passionate about, it shows. Your customers see it, your colleagues see it. You send waves of enthusiasm right across your social and business network that you love what you are doing and sometimes, actually quite often, this rubs off on them.

For a network marketer, this is especially important. You want people to join you and you want them to get others to join you too. So being enthusiastic, passionate and full of action will rub off on people to the extent that they will wish to join you.

I have two business I work with online – Global NPN and Enagic Kangen Water.

Global NPN was the first business I achieved any sort of success with and I have been faithful to it for more than three years. It has paid me in every month of those three years. I do not see any need to move away from it. I have a great team of people in my downline and my business grows daily because I have maintained the faith,use the great selection of tools and continue to promote it.

My new passion is my Enagic Kangen Water business. Why? Well, the product is directly helping my health and the pay is great!

Kangen Water

I see a lot of people now in my team progressing to a level of financial security that they wouldn’t have done with anything else. It is wonderful to see how my team work hard to grow their businesses in far away places and local to me in the U.K. ; Australia, New Zealand, America, Israel, U.K, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and we are still growing.

This blog reaches out to anyone who wants to develop an online business – and especially with Global NPN and Enagic – but I believe it won’t work for you unless you have the kind of passion needed to see the long term goals and work towards it with great diligence and determination. You can’t do that if you don’t believe in the product.

I think McDonalds filter out 1 in around 5000 to take on their franchises! They are looking for enthusiasm, dedication and passion for the product in their franchisees.


Wouldn’t you want the same for your business? Well starting with YOU is pretty important because network marketing is all about the OWNER OF THE BUSINESS, which is YOU!


You can have a great product. A fantastic company. An amazing sponsor. A great marketing plan. But if you are not RIGHT for that business, it just won’t work.

So, I guess the real underpinning message of this post is:



Once you have chosen your network marketing business – emit all the passion and power you have – represent it with the enthusiasm and energy that Tony Robbins demonstrates in his seminars!

Celebrate each time you sponsor someone like you have just scored the winning goal in the world cup final or ran over the touchline in the last second of the superbowl! 


….. and, most importantly, treat each and everyone of them as if they are the first, one and only, and nuture them to follow your passion!


I hope this post helps you find a business that unleashes your passion to win, to help people, to enjoy your business life. I am sure, that once you do you will have the kind of success you only ever dreamed about!


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Kangen Water

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