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Kangen Water
Kangen Water

Happy Christmas and Every Best Wish For Your Most Successful 2013!

I love Christmas time. It is a season of goodwill. A period of time where we give with love and appreciation. I know all of my readers do not celebrate Christmas as I would do, but nevertheless, I know you all want peace in the world and if this holiday season can bring about some kind of peace and understanding for each other, it will be a very good year for everyone next year.

Whatever you reflect on over the coming couple of weeks, whatever goals you set yourself for 2013, I wish you well. I pray that the Lord will bless each and everyone of us, our families, those we care about. Most importantly, I hope the people who rule, preside and oversee the world – whether they be politicians, bankers, industrialists whatever – will show humility, and caring for all of mankind and not just their own little niche in the world.


Each child, each person deserves a roof over their head, a decent floor – not bare earth –  food to eat and clean water to drink. Everyone should at least have that. Most people don’t want palaces, big cars, fancy clothes – they just need enough. They want their children warm, vaccinated, fed, clothed, housed, hydrated and educated.


So, in my own little way – this post is for you all out there. Have a wonderful holiday . Remember those who don’t have what we have and give them a little of your time, effort and abundance.




Some ideas for giving are in the links below.

Kangen Water

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