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Kangen Water
Kangen Water

How To Market The “New” NPN

Introducing Karen Adams, Guest Author.

Karen is a business associate of mine in both Global NPN and Enagic and hers is the first post from hopefully several Guest Authors I will be featuring over the next two weeks.  Karen’s post is one that will be helpful to both existing and prospective new members of Global NPN in their marketing efforts.

Please, read on…..


Whether you are aware of it or not, how you market a product or opportunity makes a BIG difference to your success-rate.


Now that NPN has undergone a significant shift in its compensation plan, this is a good time to recognize that it is a DIFFERENT opportunity from what it has been until now, and examine how you will approach your marketing from this point onwards. It will make a big difference to both your short term up-front income from sales, and your long-term ongoing income from business retention (repeat sales).


And if you’ve NEVER considered these things, it’s time you did, so listen up!


  1. First off you need to choose whether to market NPN as a “product” or “opportunity.”
  2. Second you need to be able to identify which approach to use for the person in front of you.


Here’s how to tell which way to go with a prospective client.


When to sell “Opportunity”


If your target market is a successful “sales type” who could sell ice to Eskimos, then emphasizing the huge income opportunity in your pales pitch, or advertising, or capture pages, etc., is the way to go. These people can immediately grasp the rapid income generation potential of the 100% commission per sale and their mind is going “Ka-Ching!” before you finish your first sentence.


These people are very easy to identify:


  • They are very much focused on the 100% commission they will receive for each sale. They LOVE being well-rewarded for their efforts, and you can’t get better than 100% right off the bat.
  • They are totally confident of their ability to sell and therefore see themselves earning a heap and usually can’t wait to get started!
  • They have loads of contacts and will be reeling off lists of names in their heads, if not out loud, of people who will buy from them.
  • They may be interested in marketing a quality product, but their eyes glaze over if you start explaining the points of difference and why your product is the best.
  • They can’t for the life of them understand why so many people just don’t “get” this!


Provide information which addresses all of these points in your face-to-face and online marketing to attract people who will go out and sell, and thus continue building your business growth with/for you.


Why you WANT to sell “Opportunity?” 


Because this will bring in your short-term profits, along with the people you need in your matrix who will continue the sales and, in turn, bring more people into your matrix. Realise this is a SMALL percentage of the people you will come across, so home in on them like a heat seeking missile, help them to make as much money as they can, and you’ll be glad. Very glad.



WARNING: Use this approach on a “Product” person and many will join, but they will get disillusioned and fall off after a couple of months, saying “It doesn’t work” when they make no sales and see NPN as just costing them month after month, with no return.



When to sell “Product”


If your target market is a person who identifies themselves as NOT being a “sales type,” then it’s best to recognize this from the start and shift your focus to the products, before the alarm bells going off in their heads bring the fire brigade. Place your emphasis on the swag of business management tools available in NPN and how they meet the needs of bricks and mortar businesses to build their online presence, as well as network marketers and sales professionals like real estate sales people, hairdressers, insurance agents, etc., whose client base is a valuable asset that they take with them from job to job. They need to grow and manage this asset online. Card files and index boxes are a thing of the past and they need to get with it or die.


These people are very easy to identify:


  • They are very much focused on the product and how well it will meet their needs. They need to know the points of difference and why this is the best product for them.
  • They have zero interest in selling, or even a negative reaction that will put them off buying if they think they have to sell it!
  • They have a business to run, usually loads of contacts for their regular business and need a way to grow and manage their client base, communicate via email newsletters, and so on.
  • They will often be very  interested in marketing what their business already sells, but they will back off quickly if you start explaining how much money they can make if they will only start selling NPN, too!
  • They see enthusiasm and encouragement to sell the product as well, as “pressure” and back off. Beware! You can easily “un-sell” them if you get carried away by your own enthusiasm after you think you’ve made the sale!


Provide information which answers all of these points in your face-to-face, and online marketing to attract people who will buy the product and stick with it for years without ever making a sale, and thus continue building your business stability and long term income with/for you.


Why you WANT to sell “Product?” 


Because these people will bring in your long-term profits, even if they are making no sales, and earning no money. YOU will still be getting your 100% commissions every month, and they will happily stick with it for years, as long as the product continues to meet their needs. This is by far the greater percentage of the people you will come across and it’s time to realize this and adjust your own “agenda” accordingly. Sold properly, these people will continue to be your bread and butter long after they’ve bought your house on Easy Street!


WARNING: Use this approach on an “Opportunity” person and they will get bored with all the detail and probably not even buy from you in the first place – as you lost them after the first ten minutes of your three hour pitch (whether online or offline) extolling the many virtues of NPN’s product line-up, thinking, “Don’t tell me I’ve got to go through all this rigmarole every time I want to make a sale!”.




Learn your Product.


Learn your Compensation Plan, and you will be equipped and ready to both recognize and sell to your contacts and prospects by speaking their language.


Cash in on all those sales you have previously rejected as “not worth it, because they can’t, won’t, or are too lazy to sell,” and less equipped people are STILL missing!


You can find more posts and helpful information on Karen’s blog:





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