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Kangen Water
Kangen Water

I Am A Sticker Not A Quitter! The Secret To Making MLM Work!

Having had some experience in MLM and Network Marketing, I have discovered that the real success stories in that industry are those who choose well in the beginning and stick the course. There is little respect for those who do otherwise. This thing, that thing is the best thing! You have had the same experiences as I have , I am sure.

I have wavered recently, I must admit. I haven’t left my main income streams, Global NPN and Enagic, but I have experimented and to be honest I am pretty disappointed with myself for doing that. Because, people want consistency. They respect consistency. They rely on consistency from their sponsors

What I find is that people come back to me after a while of experimenting and looking for the Golden Goose elsewhere. I am always there, waiting to help them.


Yes. I get satisfaction from seeing people grow. I love to watch them build a business out of enthusiastic ignorance and eventually turn into experts. Network marketing is a great business model for that. It enables anyone to start a business. Pennies on the dollar so to speak.

I went to a Franchise Exhibition the other week. There were franchises there from $40000 to $250,000 u.s. ! With a network marketing business you can start up for a fraction of that and still earn similar incomes! My most expensive opportunity is Enagic – top one off fee, no monthlies or annuals, is $4000! But , hey , Enagic is creating millionaires!! And you can even pay that over time! You won’t get a deal like that from a Franchise! Your income will pay for your investment in weeks, and then it is profit all the way with minimal on costs! I was looking at a franchise ….. it was $150,000 to get started with $20000 monthly on costs…….. SCARY!!

So with MLM you can start up for anything from $50/60 a month and build a decent 4 or 5 figure monthly income within a year of working part time. Much better than taking a big risk with a Franchise.

So, that is why I stick around. I have two MLM/network marketing businesses. I am always there. I earn money while I sleep. I have built friendships. I watch people grow. I see people give up. I out earn some of my sponsors. I have 100’s of self employed network marketers in my group who have the same desires as I have. We help one another and we get along great!

No property or staff to manage. No big on costs.

So I stick with it. I don’t quit! And it works!

Network marketing is a long term pension plan. Stay with it long enough and your system will fill up. Minutes a day of regular activity will open up a world of financial independence.


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Kangen Water

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