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Kangen Water

I Wish I Had Done This Years Ago – Big Ticket Network Marketing Brings Big Results!

Having a big ticket network marketing business is the way to go. It takes a leap of faith to get involved, but to be honest all you have to do is use the same strategies that you use for a small ticket business, but the results are far more rewarding.

I have been around online for quite a while now. Actually fully focussed on online network marketing since November 2008. My main business during that time has been Global NPN…. a business I am still involved in and provide support for my team and new members.

Recently, however, I joined Enagic. Enagic provide Kangen Water Ionizers. They vary in price from around $2000 to $4000 U.S.. To be honest, if I hadn’t completely trusted my sponsor, Raymond Sun, I don’t think I would have looked at it. I am glad I did.

You can get lots of information about Enagic and Kangen Water on this site: . Our initial interest centred on the technology and the amazing water that provides wellness for many people. It has certainly changed my health for the better, that’s a fact. Having Diverticular Disease, this Alkalized Water has meant huge improvement in my health.

But having been in the Enagic business for a little while, I am just beginning to appreciate the amazing compensation plan. Currently this is meaning that I get over $1000 commissions very regularly just from people finding my blog on Google or other search engines and then contacting me to buy!

Not only that, but I am getting those kind of commissions from the sales my team are making! Can you imagine having 100’s of people making just one sale a month…. that would be $100,000 a month! I have hundreds in my Global NPN business. If  a fraction of that joined me and marketed the same way I do they would be on $20,000 a month in no time – at least between one or two years!

So you can see why I am excited about Enagic and why I wish I had done it years ago!

Because big ticket means big incomes!

I have friends all over the internet asking me to check all sorts of programmes out. I admit, I have been waylaid on a few – always keeping my Global NPN and Enagic businesses intact though.

But I have soon realised that I am sitting on a GOLDMINE with Enagic!

Many people will say that the machines are expensive – well, they are! But they are the Rolls Royce machines in their industry. You pay for a Rolls Royce but you get years and years of life out of it. It is the same as Enagic’s Kangen Water Machines.

But, help is at hand. In most established countries in the world, Enagic have easy payment plans. Great. This means you can pay over time but still get those great commissions.

So……. this blog is about making money…. so I think I should share with you a video or two on how you can make money with Enagic’s Kangen Water. So, please, do yourself a favour and watch the two videos below and then get back in touch.

BTW… you can see a great video on the product here: Yes. They are in English and Mandarin and Cantonese. Why? Because our business is growing all over the world and especially in S.E. Asia.

Ok…. watch this first and then watch the next video which explains the compensation plan.



NOW….. after all that information, are you interested in making a huge step to improve your financial security? If so – go here and register and let me know you wish more information. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER INTEREST




Pete Chapman

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Kangen Water

2 Responses to “I Wish I Had Done This Years Ago – Big Ticket Network Marketing Brings Big Results!”

  1. Thanks for the post. I think for me one of the biggest things to success is believing in what you are selling. I’ve always been a fan of health products and new technology. If this product is living up to what it claims, I’d say this company is a real winner. I’m doing a review of it on my website right now.

  2. peter says:

    Hi Dustin,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it.
    Enagic truly is a wonderful business opportunity and an incredible product. Rather than just review it – take the leap of faith and join us. We really are going places all over the world – Singapore, Malaysia,Philippines,Indonesia,Australia,New Zealand, Israel, U.S.A, U.K. All have my Kangenwell Enagic distributors building pioneering Enagic businesses. The time is right to join us.

    Thank you for thinking enough of our business to review it….. I like your blog – very cool….. I will support is as best I can.

    Best wishes for your health and prosperity


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