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Starting Your Network Marketing Business With A Team Of One!

In network marketing we always start with a team of 1. No matter who your sponsor may be they are NOT as motivated as you are to build your business. They will start with good intentions and may even get you started but you don’t just want a good start… you want a good finish that leads to a residual income that will serve as your forever pension!

So you need to be self motivated and  determined so you stay the course until the number 1 has many 0’s behind it!

To succeed in Network Marketing – with any compensation plan – you need to be in it for the long term. Each of these compensation plans is designed to build your income over time until you are financially independent from any other job or business that you may be involved with.

Too many people give up before they have really given their business a chance to grow.

My personal preference as my network marketing vehicle is Enagic Kangen Water – it pays me well and I can see retirement on the horizon! – but these principles apply to any MLM or Network Marketing business.

Steps To Consider

  1. Choose your business opportunity wisely. Stick with the tried and tested. Don’t fall for the new launch syndrome. Do your research and go for something that is established, has a product you believe in and do not feel embarrassed about and a business that pays well!
  2. Choose your sponsor wisely. Has he/she got a support system in place? Will they help you get started? What are others saying about your sponsor? Can you Google them and see if they have a reputation – good or bad?
  3. Make a plan of the time, finance and effort you are willing to put in. Keep to it!
  4. Set goals – targets to reach. Make them SMART – you know the thing , Specific, Measurable, Achievable,Results Orientated, Time Bound – but my guidance is focus on the ACHIEVABLE bit. Don’t make unrealistic goals – it will make you unhappy! If you are 5ft 2 inches I am sorry to say you are not going to break the world high jump record!! So for example, my Enagic business has a top position in the compensation plan called a 6a distributor – you reach it when you and your group make 100 sales. The rewards are really good… but you are not going to make Enagic 6a in two weeks!! Chunk it down – say make 2 personal sales a month for the first 3 months and 10 group sales a month after three months. So in 10 months you will make 6a! Lots of people make Enagic 6a in 10 months! But if you don’t feel that is achievable – set yourself 2 years to achieve the same position. Either way, you will have a full time income at the end of your effort!
  5. Always do something every day for your business – no  matter how small. Facebook, twitter, blogging, speaking to people, emailing your list… there are lots of things you can do without invading your family or leisure time.
  6. THINK LONG TERM! Regard your Network Marketing business as a long term effort – and I mean long term! 5 years minimum effort…. not just a few months. If you have chosen wisely in the beginning you will be thanking me in the end!
  7. Support your team! Do not give up on anyone. Some of them will give up on their business but YOU must be there when they want help. Always be around for them!
  8. Have fun! Network Marketing should be a social business. Like people. Be kind to people. Be honest! If you have chosen wisely you can be PROUD OF YOUR BUSINESS! Don’t be shy!

I believe that if you read this post with sincerity and apply it you will have a business with 100’s if not 1000’s of members beneath you. It make take time, but it WILL happen – provided you chose wisely in the beginning.

The businesses work , the model works… it is just up to the people to take advantage.

Keep telling yourself this – “No matter how long it takes I will keep sharing the message!”


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One Response to “Starting Your Network Marketing Business With A Team Of One!”

  1. max hall says:

    Very wise words from a very wise man. I wish I had known you a couple of years ago. Is that always the way tho. I will join the lower priced product and hope I can get a couple of sales and then move on and upwards with our team.
    hope all is good for you in which ever part of the world you are in today mate.

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