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Kangen Water
Kangen Water

Still The Number One Producer In Global NPN!

Global NPN continues to be my primary business – the entry level to my profitable Global Elite System , a free member , marketing funnel and funded proposal for my Global NPN team.
As of 5th April 2012 you can see my personal results and those of some of my team members.
Our strategies work. We believe in multiple streams of income, but Global NPN is our entry level Internet Marketing Tools site which provides all we need to promote ourselves across the internet.
Add our marketing sites, our other streams of income and our team are fast becoming a money making, turbo charged super team!
Most Active PRO Level Referrals:

1. Pete Chapman (NPN DIRECTOR)
2. Martin Payling (NPN PRO)
3. Michael williams (NPN PRO)
4. Charles Lentz (NPN DIRECTOR)
5. Cheng-Ming Tang (NPN PRO)
6. Lloyd Kim (NPN DIRECTOR)
7. John Stoyles (NPN PRO)
8. Stephen Thomas (NPN PRO)
9. Matthew Wright (NPN PRO)
10. joseph cotroneo (NPN DIRECTOR)

Most Active UPGRADED Referrals:1. Pete Chapman (NPN DIRECTOR)
2. Craig Caron (NPN DIRECTOR)
3. Alex Moody (NPN SILVER)
4. Charles Lentz (NPN DIRECTOR)
5. Raymond Sun (NPN DIRECTOR)
6. Scott Douglas (NPN SILVER)
7. Ulf Astrom (NPN DIRECTOR)
8. Bill Connelly (NPN DIRECTOR)
9. brandon wells (NPN DIRECTOR)
10. Mike Witt (NPN SILVER)

Most Active NEW Referrals Last 30 days:

1. Pete Chapman (NPN DIRECTOR)
2. Matthew Wright (NPN PRO)
3. Alex Moody (NPN SILVER)
4. brandon wells (NPN DIRECTOR)
5. joseph cotroneo (NPN DIRECTOR)
7. Darrell Link (NPN PRO)
8. John Lemmon (NPN PRO)
9. Robert Lampke (NPN DIRECTOR)
10. Joseph Gardinier (NPN PRO)


These leaderboards are published by Global NPN to show progress each month. Over the coming months you will see these boards full of RED Global Elite Team member positions. Will one of them be you???
Join us from the banner below!

Kangen Water

2 Responses to “Still The Number One Producer In Global NPN!”

  1. It has been a pleasure working with Peter in Global NPN and the Global Elite System! I have learned more about marketing online with his system in a few short weeks than I have in years otherwise. I know I will be on the Global NPN LeaderBoard soon by implementing the strategies in the Global Elite System. Thank you Pete!
    Oliver Chapman recently posted..Marketing On The Internet

  2. peter says:

    Thank you Oliver
    You are very kind

    I look forward to watching your progress


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