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Kangen Water
Kangen Water

The New Global NPN Instant Blog – Even Superman Is A Blogger Now!

I have said many times that a WordPress blog is the easiest way to get noticed on the internet and now Global NPN have released a FREE instant blog product to their members to make it easy for beginners to start blogging.

Everything is done for you. Hosting, domain, branding, affiliate links…. all you have to do is to post your stuff.

This is click of a mouse stuff. A completely branded blog instantly created for you from the GlobalNPN backoffice.

… all you have to do is click the ‘setup’ button, log in, and start blogging.

This is by far the easiest blog setup you’ll ever experience, it’s all done for you. You literally can just blog and share..

Imagine how much VALUE this system is adding to your online network marketing business, and it will continue to add value as you use your blog to promote yourself, your knowledge, and your business!

Even Superman Blogs!


Faster than a speeding bullet, the news is circulating that Superman will quit his job at The Daily Planet, and become a blogger. We won’t know all the details until Superman issue 13 hits the newsstands and goes live online tomorrow, but apparently it involved a newsroom rant by the usually mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent about the decline in journalistic standards.

Source: Forbes




I have $1000 days from my wordpress blog – days in which people call me or email me and ask to buy! My wordpress blog cost me a lot of money to put together:

Domain name, hosting, graphics, set up costs (I had to pay for someone to create my blog) and you can get it all for $14.97 a month!! You can’t beat that!


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Kangen Water

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  1. Nice! Let me try that new instant blog. Its good to try something else to see what the best.
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