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The Value Of Friendship And Commitment To Others In Your Network Marketing Business

I have been endeavouring to succeed with a network marketing business for a lot of years. Since I moved seriously online in November 2008, using whatever skills I had developed in my working life, my business has grown well enough for me to replace a full time income.

However, since I have developed friendship online, with Network Marketing sideline (those in my network marketing opportunity but not financially connected), leaders, personally sponsored members,people who have moved on, or just people who have followed me on facebook , my business has grown. It just pays to keep friendships.

I have many examples where I have learned from others who are not connected to me in my business opportunity and perhaps even never likely to join me.

I particularly enjoy Facebook and Blogging. Watching how people act online is a great education. Supporting them in their efforts will ensure reciprical activity on your behalf.

As I work predominately on the internet, it can be a lonely existence working on your own, if you do not feel connected to the people you are posting articles for, social networking with, emailing information too.

I remember Frank Kern informing those of us on a course of his, that he always writes to Bob. Bob is an imaginary figure who Frank has invented to represent his target market. So when he sends out an email, he is emailing a friend. Worth considering.

It is the same with me. I treat everyone who contacts me online as a friend. Some of them misguided, some of them are a little pushy, most of them just trying to earn a living, or looking for ways to be healthy.

So, I reckon , if I treat them the same as I would in real life, then I get a connection with people and at some point I may help more people get healthy or better off financially.

My trip to SE Asia has reminded me of this. I met a couple of people who have been my internet friends for a long time.

Heri Deni – My Long Time Business Partner

Heri, pictured on the right with Raymond Sun and I in Kuala Lumpur, has been with me in Success University and Global NPN for a long time. He is an amazing family man and father. You can see from the picture, he has 7 lovely, humble children and a lovely wife. So that is a lot of responsibility. We have known each other for a very long time through our online businesses. Barely ever spoke and never met until this week when I visited Kuala Lumpur.

After a long time of inactivity in our working relationship, Heri joined me in my Enagic Kangen Water Business. So Heri travelled one hour to meet me in and my business partner, Raymond Sun, at our hotel. More than that, his family wanted to meet the man who kept husband and father on his computer till the early hours of the morning! So Heri packed his car with his wife and 7 children. This was the most amazing experience for me. His family was a wonderful combination of love, youth and humility. Each of them is a credit to him.

For me, meeting people like this makes online network marketing worth it for me. Online friendship bridges nationality, culture, religion and business interests and it enriches your life, your business and that of others.

Anthony Goh, Kes Goh, Ben Ho, Alison Chong, Mike Ng and Many More From The TWI Kangen Group

My Kangen Water friends, from our Kangen Water Shop in Singapore are precious to me. I met them all in 2012 when Raymond asked me to visit Singapore to deliver a blogging workshop and give online support to his Kangen Water Team for a week. That was a year ago. I have done my best to support everyone who attended the course in the year in between. I did this all initially for Raymond as he has helped me so much.

I revisited Singapore this week, February 2013, one year later, and it was as if I had never left. Warm, friendly and super hospitable, it was like having brothers and sisters across the world.

Anthony Goh is one of my Singapore business partners in Kangen Water – – but the others are all sideline – not connected in business.

I have been met at the airport, had my food paid for…. looked after and respected. In turn, I have grown to love them as my friends and I would do anything to help them with their business even though they are not connected to me in any compensation plan.

This makes internet marketing worthwhile for me. I am sure it would you too.

Pearly Quah – Facebook Queen

I have known Pearly from my days with the TSA Mastery blogging tribe. Pearly is from Malaysia and is the most prolific social networker I have ever met online! Beware of the smart phone camera, lol!  We have connected on Facebook for a long time. She supports my facebook posts, my blog posts and has interacted with me for the last two or three years. Well, as I was visiting Kuala Lumpur , it seemed a good opportunity to invite Pearly to visit our Kangen Water business presentation. It turns out that it wasn’t the right timing for Pearly, but we couldn’t leave an opportunity like this to go to waste so Raymond, Pearly and I met for dinner together. It was a great, uplifting evening, and it makes for a nice story for Pearly’s  facebook page… and it was a happy time for me to finally meet the Facebook Queen and a welcome change from travel and constantly thinking about business.

And so it goes on….. friendships made from working and interacting on the internet.


How does this help your business?

Well, who would you like to work with. Someone who just pushes out affiliate links without any pre-knowledge of who the heck they are? Someone who just pushes opportunity after opportunity to you without forming any sort of relationship? Or some one who has built friendship with you online. Someone who is genuine in their desire to help you or be helped. Some one who is grateful to have been helped.

I read somewhere that the Internet was designed to provide Random Acts Of Kindness. Well, I believe each of us should embrace that concept and help the internet achieve its goal. This way we can be congruent with its purpose and build friendships in our quest for online success as well as reaching the objective of our business purpose?

Make Friends With Me – Click Here

So, what do you think? Do you reach out in friendship? Have you benefitted from Random Acts Of Kindness?

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5 Responses to “The Value Of Friendship And Commitment To Others In Your Network Marketing Business”

  1. Pearly Quah says:

    Awwww Pete, words can’t express my joy reading this valuable story of ours on your blog :-) it is indeed an expensive gift which I have ever received ! A short and precise story about us on your blog, fit me in your busy business schedule for friends hangout, created a high profile name for me and many more…they are way too expensive ! :-)) What a friend I have in you, Pete ! :-) I thank you for all these special compliments :-)

    Your adaptation with people from different background and different culture makes others feel so much at ease with you, Pete :-) A professional networker who isn’t pushy at all, be it online or offline, an experience entrepreneur who first seek understanding and then to be understood in business relationship, someone who recognise friendship and appreciate others in a blink of an eye, a committed businessman who is attentive and genuinely offering help to others and the list goes on and on…these are all the high qualities you possess ! :-) Of course there are more than that but I will be running out of space in my comment if everything is put together here :-))

    Lastly, I truly wish you great success in your business and be blessed !


  2. peter says:

    Hi Pearly,
    Thank you… you are very kind. I hope my post has helped you in some way.


  3. Allison says:

    People really are the heart of any business, and long after we’re retired, friendships are here to stay. Thanks for this helpful information!

    . I also wanted to share an awesome resource! It’s a goal-setting and achievement platform where you set goals, including industry-specific MLM strategic-planning goals, and then receive text and email messages that put your personal and career goals in front of you as often as you’d like. Please check out Seriously, it rocks!!

  4. Sonia says:

    Hey Pete!
    I enjoyed reading this post very much. It is only recently that the truth in developing relationships in order to be successful in all areas of life has hit home.
    Being a salesperson,I knew the importance of developing trust before going in for the trial close. However, I had not been practising this with my online businesses. I am now better educated thanks to people like you who share this knowledge and spread the word far and wide. :)
    Sonia recently posted..My Favorite Motivating Poem ~ Life is…

  5. peter says:

    Thankyou Sonia. You are very kind. Certainly I believe that having the prime motive to help people is the reason I enjoy any success I have had. And I know you are certainly on the right track also. Best wishes to you. Peter

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