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Kangen Water
Kangen Water

Why Buy Socrates WordPress Theme?

Introducing Guest Author Corinne Floyd

It is a pleasure to introduce Corinne Floyd as today’s Guest Author. Corinne of has produced many videos and articles to help beginners online, and if you have been tossing up whether or not Socrates is for you, this post makes your decision as easy as 1-2-3.


Socrates Theme Review


First let’s answer two commonly asked questions:

  1. Why not use a free blogging platform?

This is an important question.  There are many places to go to set up a free blog.  All you have to do open an account, choose a name, and start blogging. is one of the places where you can get a free blogging platform.

For an online business builder a free blog has definite drawbacks.  Free blogs:

  • can crash when you have a lot of content added,
  • you do not own the blog so the blogging company, that does own the platform, can decide to shut down blogs without giving notice or a reason,
  • you will have very little functionality when it comes to adding banners, ads, and  forms to your blog,
  • it will not have a business look,
  • and you do not have your own domain name.


2.   Why pay for a WordPress theme?

There are thousands of free themes to choose from.  So why buy a theme?

When you load a free theme you have no idea about the quality of the design, they may crash after you have loaded up a lot of content and it probably will not have functionality when it comes to what you want to do for your business.


Why choose the Socrates theme?


Socrates was designed by two experienced markets, Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson.  It was created with affiliate marketers in mind.

To set up, Socrates is basically a point and click process. You get more than 230 niche header designs. All you have to do is choose, click, view, and save.  You get a variety of backgrounds to choose from – again choose and click.

But that is not the best part.

In the layout section of Socrates you can quickly paste in codes for your banners, your Clickbank ID, and your social media links.  You can easily design your whole blog by copying and pasting everything into the correct boxes and pressing save.

The Pros of the Socrates Theme

  • You can access a 7 day free trial to review all the features for yourself.
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, compared to 30 days for Thesis.
  • It is a popular theme that is versatile and made for monetization.


The Cons of the Socrates Theme

The con is if you are very new to blogging and online marketing – then there will be a learning curve, but not nearly as daunting as other themes I have experienced.

However, if you are a member of Global Elite Marketing Systems you will have Peter Chapman’s set up videos to follow and you can contact your Global Elite sponsor for support.

Features in Socrates

  • Custom header design  –  chooses from 230 plus designs or upload your own
  • Easily customizable
  • Search Engine Optimized – increases your search engine visibility
  • Squeeze and sales page templates are included

I encourage you to find out how to get your Socrates theme WordPress blog started – ask your sponsor in Global Elite Systems.

Have fun creating your blogs,


Corinne Floyd

P.S.  I invite you to visit and  “follow” my blog on networked blogs.



Kangen Water

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  1. summer says:

    Great info and so well spelled out and easy to understand. The last line is important too! – Have fun with your blog! I love that we are in an industry where we get to have fun and help others succeed! :)

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